Our 25th anniversary celebrations included: The kick-off Balloon Launch, Christmas Parade; the Operetta, "Time for a Change"; Tree Planting; the Open House; Time Capsule Sealing Ceremony and the Reunion Dinner & Dance.

Many hours of work by the 25th Anniversary Committee and dozens of volunteers made these events a tremendous success.

25th Anniversary Committee:

Mr. J. Hay, Mr. J. Grant, Mrs. S. Melville, Mrs. J. Cooper, Mr. P. W. Greenley (Principal), Mrs. S. Barrie (Laton) - representing former students, Mrs. S. Howard (Chairperson) & Mrs. M. Wilson (representing former staff). 




Balloon Launch 

On Friday, October 7, 1988 the school began the 25th Anniversary Celebration with a Balloon Race.  Each pupil had the chance to launch a balloon to compete in the race.  A postage stamp with a reply envelope was affixed to the balloon to increase the chances of a reply.  Prizes were given for the first round, first returned and longest distance travelled.  The winners included:  Jeff Rylott, Jacelyn Truckle, Brooks DeRosi, Tara Nurse, Kerri Stillwell, Justin Patterson, Shannon Frater and Jeremy Deline.

Christmas Parade

The Operetta

"Time for a Change" was a super production with a cast of over 200.  It told the story of the career of a school teacher from the one-room school to the large consolidated school and on to her retirement.  Mr. Grant - Composer/Director, Mrs. Cummings - Choir Director and Mr. Hay - Band Director. 

Tree Planting

Three Crimson Maple Trees were dedicated; to the memory of former student, Barry Gray, by his classmates and friends, Mr. Clark on behalf of the Peterborough County Board of Education and Present students for former students.

Open House

Saturday, May 20th, 1989 the Open House was from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The grade 3/4 Choir performed for an overflow audience during the Open House ceremony. 

A Reunion Dinner made for a perfect closing for our year of celebrations and it provided good food, super surroundings, old friends and lively music .

Time Capsule 

Saturday, May 20th, 1989 - Time Capsule Sealing Ceremony was held at 3:00 p.m. 

The 1989 Graduate, Tammy Drain, and her mother Heather (McLean) Drain, took part in the official time capsule sealing ceremony.

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